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Sunday Audio Messages

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Bible Study Audio

Critical bible teachings in a relaxed environment. Catch up and dig deep in the Word with Mt. Rose Church

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Its In The House

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Welcome to the hub for all the latest in media products provided by Mt. Rose Church. Whether it’s something to watch at home, listen to in the car, or a book to read and study, this is the site for you. In our store you will find a great selection of products featuring our acclaimed Pastor, Dr. Ron Eagleton, as well as guest evangelist and speakers. Not to mention, a great array of products produced by members of this body, who are recording artists and published authors.
The mission of the Mt. Rose Church “The City of Refuge” Inc. is to be a place where a God-given vision of salvation, deliverance, Christian maturity and support is shared by Spirit-filled members who permeate the community with the Word of God. Our store is stocked with items with this vision in mind. Be sure to purchase what you need today.


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